If you’re looking for a fast paced, energetic and hard-hitting experience, look no further. Convincing Clearity’s massive sound picture and groovy rhythms are guaranteed to get your heads moving. 

2014 Bloodstock Open Air 
2015 Europe Tour (Album release) 
2016 All aligned Tour Slovakia, support and shared stage with Dead By April, The Unguided, Leprous, Oslo Ess 
2017 Tour Czech and Slovakia, Norway Rock 2017 Open Air, Support and shared stage with In Flames, Kvelertak, Europe 

2018 Freedom tour (Japan + Europe tour) 

2019 New music +


Previous events

Japan Tour 2018

 —  —

17 okt -20 000 volts 18 okt - Ikebukuro Chop 19 okt - Shinkoiwa Bushbash 20 okt - Numazu Speak EZ 21 okt - Hamamatsu Mescalin Drive

Convincing CleArity live at Norway Rock

 —  —


Convincing CleArity sharing stage with bands such as In Flames, Europe, Kvelertak and manny more.

Convincing CleArity vs Sublime Eyes Round 2

 —  —

Flekkefjord kultursenter SPIRA, Elvegaten 1, 4400 Flekkefjord Norway, Flekkefjord

Norway Rock Festival aktuelle Sublime Eyes og Convincing CleArity tar turen til Flekkefjord Rock City og spiller inn SPIRA med deres heavye og melodiøse metall.

Sett av Lørdag 11 Feb og bli med å headbang med oss!

Vi lover ett show dere ikke kommer til å glemme med det samme.

Kom kom koooom! \m/

Brynerocken Festival

 —  —


Line up: Oslo Ess, Leprous, Rammsund, Heatseekers, Suicide Bombers and manny more!

Skrik Och Panic 3 festival

 —  —

Sweden, Lygnevi Strand

Line Up: Napoleon, Skitarg, Cry Excess, Kill The Kong and manny more.