Convincing Clearity is an emerging metal band which was founded by Simon in Stavanger 2012. They currently consists of four hard working metal heads with quite the agenda.  
In 2014 the band attended Metal 2 the masses competition, and their journey began when Simon Hall called them out as winners of the contest. From there they were flown over to England to play on Bloodstock Open Air together with some amazing headliners like Dimmu Borgir, Children of Bodom and Megadeth.  
The same year they also got signed with Invisible Bridge Agency.  
All this added fuel to the fire, and the band gave full throttle. They made their first album Conflicts in the well known studio Frog Leap Studio driven by Leo Moracchioli.  
In the time between 2015 and end of 2016  they had an album release tour through Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands and Belgium. They punched out three music videos. Played on several festivals in Europe, and shared stage with bands like Dead By April, The Unguided, Oslo Ess and Leprous.  
The guys will punch forward into 2017 with sharing stage with In Flames, Kvelertak, recordings, music vidoes, tour and festivals. 
So if you`re looking for clean raw thrashy fast paced energic hard hitting metal with a new different live experience you should look no further! Convincing Clearity will deliver it! 

Shared stage with In Flames, Kvelertak, Europe, Dead By April, The Unguided, Leprous, Oslo Ess and manny more. 

Sounds like: Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage, While She Sleeps

If you're looking for a clean raw trashy fast paced energic hard hitting metal band with a masiv sound picture and new different live experience, you should look no further. 

2014 Bloodstock Open Air 
2015 Europe Tour (Album release) 
2016 Tour Slovakia, support and shared stage with Dead By April, The Unguided, Leprous, Oslo Ess 
2017 Tour Czech and Slovakia, Norway Rock 2017 Open Air, Support and shared stage with In Flames, Kvelertak, Europe 

2018 Japan + Europe tour

2019 New music